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Sherpa build the highest quality winches on the market. Designed, tested and assembled in Australia to meet the harshest demands of the outback. This website is dedicated to servicing our US customers and guess what? Shipping is FREE to mainland USA.


What makes Sherpa winches the best?

Sherpa has over a decade of experience in winch design. Our goal is to create the most durable and reliable winches on the market. Starting off with high powered winches for trucks and large SUVs we’ve developed models to service the general offroad industry and even marine & boating winches. Our winches are fitted with 316SS components to reduce corrosion and increase longevity. Our electrics and solenoids are genuine Albright, the best on the market. Our drives are powered and geared to run cooler on longer winch runs increasing duty cycle. The gearbox is a 3 stage planetary design with integrated brake. Preventing water ingress is key to designing a winch that will stand the test of time. Sherpa utilizes a series of seals with a double lip, first stage seal at the drive and gearbox ends limiting ingress of water, mud and dust. A secondary split seal further seals the winch barrel at both ends again protecting the drive and gearbox. Cables and ropes are spec’d at greater breaking strain than the winch for safety and reliability. For more information check out our videos.

Shipping is FREE on all products to mainland USA & Hawaii. Orders will be couriered using a partner of Fedex on an air freight service. Delivery times are normally 5-7 days.

Sherpa has removed all Australian taxes from our pricing. Australia and the USA currently have a free trade agreement and Sherpa orders are normally delivered without additional import duties. Occasionally an order will incur a state or local charge and this is the responsibility of the buyer to pay.

All prices are displayed in US dollars and payments can be made using PayPal, Visa or Mastercard. If you have any queries shoot us an email. 

Sherpa winches are very high quality and experience few faults or warranty related claims. As we design, test and assemble the winches in-house troubleshooting and organizing repairs is a breeze for our technicians. In the event a problem occurs, to save unnecessary return of the winch, we will organize replacement parts to be sent along with instructions / videos on how to fit.

For Australian customers see our Australian Sherpa Winches website here.
For Canadian customers see our Canadian Sherpa Winches website here.

We can ship almost anywhere in the world. Send us an email through the contact page and we’ll provide you with a freight cost.