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ATV Winch 4,500Lb



These quality ATV winches by Sherpa are a great addition to your quad motorbike or ATV and will come in handy for so many applications and uses. Supplied with 12m of synthetic rope, this winch is a great upgrade and offers peace of mind you can recover yourself if ever stuck.

  • Quad Motorbike ATV 4,500lb Winch


    • Heavy duty purpose built winch motor
    • Massive planetary gear reduction reduces load on the motor
    • Handlebar mount control switch and wiring harness
    • Upgraded design with quality seals to prevent water ingress
    • Easy retrofit to most quad bikes and ATV's
    • Includes wireless remote control kit

    ATV Winch Overview

    Adding a winch to your quad bike or ATV can be a great addition allowing travel to places you might otherwise avoid. The Sherpa ATV winch is over-engineered with ample power to pull bogged ATV's from mud, creeks, up hills or anywhere you dare to venture.  ATV winches are also handy for dragging logs, straightening posts plus many other farm uses needing mechanical assistance. Popular for ATV's such as Polaris, Can-am as well as Yamaha and Honda quad bikes, these winches will not disappoint.

    Note, the Sherpa ATV winch is designed as a recovery winch. It has limitations and should not be relied on for hoist type applications. If the application requires winching out and lowering of loads, it's suggested a electric braked winch be considered such as the Sherpa Grunter or Sherpa Tow Truck winch.

    Why are Sherpa winches different to the competition?
    • Tried and Tested - These winches have been designed and built with many years experience in the winching and lifting business. These winches have been through many stages of testing and improvements to deliver a reliable product offered to our customers. Specifically designed for quad bikes and ATV's the Sherpa ATV winch is built stronger with higher quality components than many other cheaper options on the market.
    • Tough & Durable - Sherpa ATV winches are built tough and over-engineered to ensure they rarely need to operate at their nameplate design limit. Capable of delivering 4,500lb of pulling power whilst being compact and able to fit in most ATV mounting cradles. Built with quality seals to stop water and mud ingress, these winches are very reliable.
    • Braking Design - Beware of cheap imitations! Many winches on the market use a 'Brake in drum' design which causes heat to build up in the winch drum damaging synthetic rope. 'Brake in Drum' winches are low cost and not designed for synthetic rope, this will become obvious at the most inconvenient time.  Sherpa ATV Winches are compatible with all types and brands of synthetic rope and feature an automatic brake in gearbox design that's simple, reliable and powerful.
    • Electrics - Sherpa ATV winches come standard with fully sealed, water tight, heavy duty solenoid by Albright International. Albright are well known to make the best solenoids in the world so they are standard inclusion in Sherpa winches. 
    • Simplicity - Sherpa winches are supplied with the parts and materials making installation easy for the home mechanic. Designed to fit market leading ATV brands in Australia, you'll be amazed how quickly it can be integrated into your set-up. Included is mounting hardware and some universal brackets to make life easy.
    • Fairleads - Each ATV winch comes with a smooth hawse to guide your synthetic rope safely onto the winch under high loads.
    • Warranty and Parts - Sherpa offers a 2 Year warranty on the ATV winch. We also keep a complete range of affordable spares to get you out of trouble if ever required.
    Albright Winch Solenoids
  • Sherpa Winch Brand

    Product Testing:

    Salt Water Submersion Test:

  • Specifications Value
    Rated Line Pull 4,500lb (2,045 kg)
    Motor 1.9hp 12v heavy duty winch motor
    Speed Single
    Gear Box 200:1 3 stage planetary gearbox
    IP Rating 68
    Rope 0.2" (5mm)  x 40ft (12m) synthetic rated to 6,000lb avg. breaking strain
    Drum Size (Dia x Length)  2.0" x 3.0" (52mm x 76mm)
    Mounting Bolt Pattern 3.0" x 4.88" (76mm x 124mm)
    Overall Dimensions 12.75" x 4.65" x 4.96" (324mm × 118mm × 126mm)
    Total Weight 20lb (9 kg)
    Clutch 180 degree turn, free spooling, slide ring gear
    Brake Automatic
    Duty Cycle Intermittent
    Fairlead Aluminium hawse
    Battery Leads Included
    Warranty 2 Years
    Line Pull (Lb) Line Speed (ft/min) Motor Current (A)
    0 16.5 25
    1,000 11.8 75
    2,000 9.5 110
    3,500 7.2 150
    4,500 4.6 185
  • Winch Owner's Manual 

    Grunter Boat Winch Owner's Manual

    ATV Winch Owner's Manual

    Winch Dimensions:

    'Mustang' 9,500Lb with 28m spool

    'Brumby' 10,000Lb high speed winch

    'Colt' 12,000Lb

    'Steed' 17,000Lb with 28m spool

    'Steed' 17,000Lb with 45m spool

    'Mule' 17,000Lb dual motor winch with 45m spool

    'Stallion'  25,000Lb winch with 30m spool

    Tow Truck Winch 20,000Lb

    'Grunter' boat trailer winches (Standard & HP Models)

    'Grunter' Boat Trailer Winch Mounting Bracket

    ATV Winch 4,500Lb

    ATV Winch 4,500Lb Mounting Plate

    Winch Control Box

    Wiring Diagrams:

    Dual Motor Winch Wiring Diagram

    Winch Solenoid Wiring Diagram

    Winch Weights:

    Winch Type Other 92ft (28m) Cable 92ft (28m) Rope 100ft (30m) Rope 100ft (30m) Cable 148ft (45m) Cable 148ft (45m) Rope
    ATV Winch 4,500Lb 15lb (7 kg) X X X X X X
    9,500Lb X 57lb (26 kg) 42lb (19 kg) X X X X
    10,000Lb (High Speed) X X 50lb (23 kg) X X X X
    12,000Lb X 66lb (30 kg) 50lb (23 kg) X X X X
    17,000Lb Single Motor X 60lb (30 kg) 50lb (23 kg) X X 88lb (40 kg) 57lb (26 kg)
    17,000Lb Dual Motor X X X X X 101lb (46 kg) 71lb (32 kg)
    Tow Truck Winch 20,000Lb X 100lb (45 kg) 66lb (30 kg) X X X X
    25,000Lb X X X 68lb (31 kg) 104lb (47 kg) X X

    Cable Data:

     Winch Type Cable Type Length Cable Size
    Grunter Boat Trailer Winches (All models)

    Positive (Power)

    7m (~23ft) 50mm²

    Negative (Earth)

    3m (~10ft) 32mm² 

    Control Box Cables

    Various <1m (< ~3ft) From winch to control box only.  25mm² 
    Grunter Cable Upgrade (Postive cable only)

    Positive (Power)

    10m (~32ft) 50mm² 

    4x4 Winches (All models)

    Mustang, Colt, Steed, Mule, Brumby, Stallion, Tow Truck winch models.

    Positive (Power)

    1.8m (~6ft) 25mm² 


    Negative (Earth)

    1.8m (~6ft) 25mm² 

    Control Box Cables

    Various <1m (< ~3ft) From winch to control box only.  25mm²
    4x4 Winch Cable Upgrade

    Positive (Power)

    3m (~10ft) 25mm²

    Negative (Earth)

    3m (~10ft) 25mm² 
    Big Air - Air Compressors (All models)

    Positive (Power)

    3m (~10ft) 16mm²

    Negative (Earth)

    3m (~10ft) 16mm²

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Cliff Peck, DVM
Bangin Winch

This winch is an awesome piece of equipment! I would highly recommend this addition to any piece of equipment from zero turn mowers to side-by-sides, this is a dependable and strong life saver. Well worth the low price. Do not hesitate to get one. if your on the fence, get of and get one now!!

Chad Doran
Looks great

Have not used it yet, but it looks well built

Michael Carroll
Winching the boat

Did a quick mock up with the john boat and winch until I can get battery installed in a more proper manner. Pulled maybe 5 feet in 10 sec, suspect boat weighs 1200lbs. Don't expect to pull more that 8 feet at the most. Much faster and quieter than I thought and not made with a cheap plastic housing cover. It is a little harder to free spool than my 1500lb warn winch I use as an electric anchor, but no big deal, maybe because it's a bigger winch. I do like the fact that it came with everything for the price. The quality seems to be very good, only time will tell.I am also using synthetic rope. Hopefully this will live up to the SHERPA name and last me for many years. Thank You.

Thomas Owens
4500lbs ATV winch

We are very pleased with our recent purchase of Sherpa’s ATV winch. The installation was a breeze and the instructions were very easy to follow. We installed this on a Honda Foreman 450. Last weekend we put it though some trials with no issues. I believe Sherpa to be the top in class without a doubt. I will definitely be purchasing one for my truck to replace my old Warn winch that has been giving me problems.

Winch Review

Mounted easily, works great..